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Milt's File

A file of links relating to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg, a talk show on Chicago's WGN Radio.

Monday, August 08, 2005

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Tonight on Extension 720: Tomorrow marks the sixtieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima—the first nuclear attack that not only helped bring about the end of World War II, but also launched a new era in political history. It kicked off the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union, beginning the Cold War and fostering the necessary rise of strategic theory. Tonight after the 6:10 p.m. Cubs game, we will be discussing some of the political consequences of Hiroshima with a panel of experts, including RICHARD FRIEDMAN, president of the National Strategy Forum, JOHN MEARSHEIMER, professor of political science at the University of Chicago, and (joining us by phone) SHARON GHAMARI-TABRIZI, author of The Worlds of Herman Kahn: The Intuitive Science of Thermonuclear War.

Information on other shows is available at Extension 720's program guide. You can listen to the program online immediately after the Cubs game here.
PALESTINE IS NOT A MUSLIM ISSUE...says a young Arab journalist in a welcome analysis of the way in which Islamic extremists of the Wahabist variety have tried to turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to their own purposes.
A WAY OUT OF THE STEM CELL IMPASSE...is proposed, with his usual wisdom and balance, by Charles Krauthammer who is a member of the President's Council on Bioethics. Our recent conversation with Leon Kass, the Council's chairman, can be heard here.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON PONDERS, AS WE ALL DO...the motivated transformation of Hillary Rodham Clinton. A recent Extension 720 conversation with Hanson is available here.
FOUR COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT EVOLUTION...are addressed and effectively clarified in this valuable article from the Skeptical Inquirer.
THE LATEST VENTURE OF AL GORE...is the new TV "news service" called Current. We have looked at it as has the unidentified critic from the Wall Street Journal. We agree with the WSJ..and then some!
THE CASE OF THE FORMER NAZI PROPAGANDIST...who taught at Yale until his cover was blown (as Paul DeMan's was not) and who had Bill Buckley pleading for him in letters referred to young John Roberts! It is all explained in this interesting article from the New York Sun.
WONDERFUL CUBAN MUSIC...in many categories (bolero, guaracha, son, guajira, etc.) is available on this great site. Don't miss the Sexteto Occidente.

Monday, August 01, 2005

"USEFUL IDIOTS" IN THE UK...are making it possible and plausible for Islamic terrorists to ply their trade. So says Anthony Browne, European Correspondent for the Times of London in this strongly stated indictment.
DOES HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON HAVE A PRESIDENTIAL STRATEGY? Yes, of course. She is "triangulating" and trying to move the DLC to the left and the Democratic left to the right...and, that accomplished, she will be the standard bearer for the newly unified party. Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times asks whether it will work and thinks...uh, well maybe it will but, then again, maybe it will wreck her march toward the nomination.
WHY DID WE DROP THE NUCLEAR BOMB ON HIROSHIMA? That question still sets historians arguing over alternative interpretations. When we discuss that on Extension 720 this coming Friday, we will need to evaluate the revelations supplied in this stunning article from the current issue of the Weekly Standard.
AND SPEAKING OF HISTORICAL CONTROVERSIES...when, if ever, will the conspiracy interpretations of the Kennedy assasination be put to rest? Here's how one "believer" was cured of his case of conspiraphilia. The article is from a recent issue of the Skeptical Inquirer.
KNOCKING DOWN TWO OTHER CONSPIRACY THEORIES...is the job undertaken here (and elegantly performed) by the British military historian, Sir Lawrence Freedman.
HAROLD EVANS LIKES THE U.S...and will be telling the world about us through the vehicle of the BBC, as did his predecesor, Alistair Cooke. For an earlier sample of his broadcasting prowess here is a short excerpt of a conversation that we had with Sir Harold a little while ago.
PAT MOYNIHAN WAS RIGHT! When, forty years ago (!!) he told it like it was about the black family...says Kay Hymowitz in this penetrating analysis of the persisting problem of "mother-only families" and the failure of liberal social scientists and politicians to face reality. This important article has just appeared in the new issue of City Journal.
IF ONLY LARRY SUMMERS HAD HAD THE GUTS TO RESIGN!! That--or so thinks the aggrieved academic who is proprietor of this place--would have been the honorable and effective response once the p.c. battalions at Harvard descended upon him. Instead, he stayed and tried to placate. The consequences, as detailed here by Heather MacDonald, are wasteful both of Harvard's wealth and its reputation. An earlier Extension 720 conversation with MacDonald--one of our favorite social observers--can be heard here.
THIS REPLACES THE BEST NEWS CHANNEL ON CABLE TV? Why, exactly? We looked at it today and were strongly underwhelmed. Here's the background story on Al Gore's long-heralded venture into something called "internet TV."
GRAND THEFT AUTO AND THE "UNLOCKED SEX SCENES"...are providing something like a political opportunity for Hillary Clinton and other "liberals" who want to establish their bona fides as "traditional" moralists. The BBC reports on this latest use of indignation as a political gambit.
HOW WINE (GOOD IF NOT GREAT) CAME TO CALIFORNIA...is a saga told by some recent books here under review at the San Francisco Chronicle. Or, are some of them great enough to challenge Chateau Millou le Grenouille, 1964?
A GREAT COUNT BASIE COLLECTION...is available here. Just be sure to scroll down and then begin with the live and long-form recording of Everyday I Have The Blues with Joe Williams.

Friday, July 29, 2005

TODAY'S ACT IN THE CHICAGO SCANDALS VAUDEVILLE...is given the full and devastating attention of John Kass in this column from today's Chicago Tribune. Tonight on Extension 720, three expert observers of our town's unraveling dishonor will examine the still developing revelations and will attempt to answer the ultimate question: How high does it go?
More information on tonight's show is available at our program guide. You can listen to the show from 9 to 11 p.m. central time here.
THE THREAT OF SHARIYA IN PALESTINE...lurks in the background as the secular, post-intifada state begins to emerge. This story from Ha'aretz points up divisions between Palestinian intellectuals and artists and the "Talibanites."
A BRITAIN-HATING MUSLIM BRIT SPEAKS...to a sensitive interviewer from Prospect magazine who thinks that his subject is representative of a large portion of Pakistani-British youth.
A BROUHAHA AT MSNBC...broke out on camera yesterday but despite that (or because of that) we learn some interesting things here about the "sophisticated" Islamic hard line from one of its British spokesmen, Azzam Tamimi.
THE STATELY MARCH OF HILLARY CLINTON TOWARD THE CENTER...went a few steps forward at the Columbus meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council. Carl Leubsdorf, Washington Bureau Chief for the Dallas Morning News provides the full details.
THE PERPETRATORS OF THE HOLOCAUST...still defy easy comprehension though, by now, they have been studied by three generations of historians. Members of that newest generation have contributed to an anthology that is reviewed here with commendation and ferocity.
BEETHOVEN RULES! At least when it comes to the free downloads available at the BBC. Among others that he beats are Bono and Paul McCartney as demonstrated by the data reported here in the U.K. Guardian.
NO ONE EVER DID IT BETTER THAN THE MILLS BROTHERS: The "it" being vocal jazz quartet singing in perfect close harmony. Here they are doing five of their classic tunes.

Monday, July 25, 2005

THE TERRORIST POTENTIAL IN BRITAIN...is disturbingly high as demonstrated here by Dan Pipes as he reviews some devastating new opinion surveys reporting on how U.K. Muslims view the bombings and their lives in the "decadent west."
NOMINATING JOHN ROBERTS AND OUTFOXING THE BBC: The Beeb's man in Washington got flummoxed by the diversionary attention given to two female judges...and that seems to be his main complaint about Mr. Justice (to be) Roberts.
SITUATION NORMAL IN ILLINOIS: THE POLITICAL INDICTMENTS OF THE WEEK!! For those readers beyond our home-base state, the Illinois Leader is always on the corruption case...and there's always plenty to keep them eternally attentive.
AND SPEAKING OF CORRUPTION...Novosti is doing for Russia what the Illinois Leader is doing for Springfield and Chicago. And one must grudgingly concede that, for now, the Russkis are in the lead.
THE COMING HUNGARIAN PRESIDENT OF FRANCE...is Nicolas Sarkozy. Or, so one hopes after reading articles--and there have been quite a few--like this one from the current issue of Foreign Policy.
SEX AND VIOLENCE AND HILLARY AND JOHN: An Orlando Sentinel columnist examines the positioning on (and in) soft porn of two leading presidential contenders. Has it come to this?
ARE CATHOLICISM AND EVOLUTIONARY THEORY COMPATIBLE? Pope John Paul II said they were. Now, a ranking cardinal in Vienna (who is also closely connected to the new pope) says "aber nichtwahr." This article from Der Spiegel suggests a revisionary struggle to come.
WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT HIGH INTELLIGENCE? The question sounds naive but is artfully asked and intelligently pursued in this article by the editor of the Wilson Quarterly.
THE LATEST ANTI-SPAM PROGRAM...is described here at New Scientist. Is there any reason to think that it will work more effectively than all the other recent failures? Opinion on this matter would be welcome here as commentary.
PRAYING FOR HEART PATIENTS: Does it produce any positive effect? Despite claims based on an earlier study (which, according to this critique, were unjustified by the data) a new study has now been reported. Apparently, the results are even more unimpressive...but, say the skeptics, the quest for proof of the medical value of intercessionary prayer will continue because the hypothesis is "unfalsifiable."
WHAT WERE THE CRUSADES REALLY ABOUT? The question is of more than mere academic or historiographic interest at a time when the Jihadists label the West as "Crusaders." Some important new books bearing upon the real sources and purposes of the Crusades are reviewed here in a fine essay from First Things.
HOW FREE IS "SPEECH" AT THIS NEW JERSEY CENTER OF HIGHER LEARNING? No, its not Princeton or Rutgers. It's William Paterson University!! And their administrators ought to be ashamed of themselves and/or subjected to a corrective course in "diversity of opinion." This latest bit of pc idiocy is reported in a somewhat infuriating item from Erin O'Connor's great academic blog, Critical Mass.
FIRING THODORE DALRYMPLE...would have to be one of the most stupid things that an editor could do. And--as does now appear--that is just what the new editor of U.K. Telegraph has done. Here is Dalrymple's meditation on the matter, written with his usual easy eloquence and with, as well, some confessed (and quite justifiable!) resentment.
THE SOLO CONTRABASS: A large "classical" literature for the base fiddle is available for the playing. Here, various students in the Berlin doublebass class of Professor Michael B. Wolf are heard in pleasing--sometimes rather astonishing--performance.

Monday, July 18, 2005

A GRIM EVALUATION OF REALITY...in the wake of the London bombings is given here by John O'Sullivan of the National Review who says that the Brits are going to have to stop kidding themselves about their Islamic population.
THE PROPER LIMITS OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM...are examined and redefined in a recent book by a University of Chicago scholar who gets a favorable review from Christopher Caldwell of the Weekly Standard. This should generate some strong argument if anyone, other than Divinity School academics pay attention.
PUT THE BLAME ON PLAME...or, at least, on her husband and his sponsors. So says Mark Steyn in this strongly written column from yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times.
THE LADY FROM DAVENPORT HAS HER SAY...and, we think, she says it well if rather too simply for the more "sophisticated." Nor does she disappoint those who seek brevity as an accompaniment of wit.
THE RAPID RISE OF COMPUTER CRIME...is documented in this story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A charming touch is that the expert quoted here from the Federal Trade Commission is Mr. Orson Swindle!
"DON'T BE STUPID...instead take one of our pills," may be the message that some pharmaceutical outfits may be directing at us within a few years. Is this mere fancy, preliminary hype or a high-probability prediction of things to come. Read on in this story from the U.K. Guardian.
EVOLUTION AT WORK...in the coming of the tuskless elephant. This brief story from China demonstrates natural selection at work...as facilitated by the poachers who kill the big-tusked males.
THE ISRAELOPHOBE IS A PLAGIARIST...says Alan Dershowitz in a bitter commentary on the man who runs the Middle East Studies program at Columbia University...and who used to do the same at the University of Chicago. It is part of the larger crisis that has developed over what they teach and whom they insult in those classes on Morningside Heights.
RICHARD FEYNMAN IS APPRECIATED...by Anthony Daniels who is a good friend of Theodore Dalrymple...and, in fact, IS Theodore Dalrymple.
THE VERY RICH ARE DIFFERENT FROM US....or, at least, very rich men are according to a recent study on the correlations between sexual activity and wealth. Before the BBC tells it all, here's a preview from The Australian.
IS THE FAT DUCK REALLY THE BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD? So says Restaurant magazine (and the 600 chefs they polled) about the place that perfected bacon and egg ice cream!! We kid you not.
BUT ONE FAMOUS GERMAN CHEF DISSENTS...and, after visiting the Fat Duck, offered this account and these dissenting judgments. Of course, the Germans never were particularly keen on a dinner that didn't feature Goose, spaetzle or Grundmachterassenfleisch.
PIANO (FOUR HANDS) AND CHORUS...is one of the combinations in this unusual concert from Lugano. Brahms is the source of that one. Also to be heard are other striking compositions by Brahms, Brahms and Brahms.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A WAY OUT OF THE STEM-CELL IMPASSE...is suggested in this recent Washington Post op-ed by the man at the center of the controversy, Leon Kass, chairman of the President's Council on Bioethics. Dr. Kass is our guest tonight on Extension 720 and can be heard here at 9 p.m., central time.
WAS THE SUICIDE BOMBING A FORM OF PEDAGOGY? One of the bombers turns out to have been a teacher well-regarded for his helping attitude toward disabled children!! This account from Sky News in the U.K. conveys the latest findings and affords a rich set of linked articles.
AND THEN THERE WAS HASIB HUSSAIN...the bomber who once aspired to be an English cricketer. This brief biography was published today by the U.K. Independent.
BEHIND THE BOMBERS: JAMAATI ISLAM...which features a theology as regressive and an anti-western program as murderous as are found in its near-relative, Wahabbism. This brief article by Stephen Schwartz in the Weekly Standard is of prime importance.
ED KOCH ENDORSES SAM HUNTINGTON...the latter being the author of the "Clash of Civilizations" thesis. Whatever the former mayor of New York lacks in nuance he makes up in forceful clarity.
THE WASHINGTON POST REVIEWS WOODWARD'S LATEST BOOK...which, as you have heard by now, is about Deep Throat and why and how Woodward kept the secret. Considering that he is an editor of the Post it will be no great surprise that the review is commendatory...which, of course, doesn't mean that its judgments are wrong.
THE UNIVERSAL MAP (that is, the map of the universe!)...will be completed by 2008 if all goes according to plan. Here's the relevant info as supplied by SpaceRef.com. And afterwards, do we start mapping the other universes that current cosmology posits?
DID SIR CYRIL FAKE THE DATA? His research seemed to establish a very strong genetic component that determined level of intelligence. But after he was knighted and died, evidence of fraud was (or was it?) discovered. Here's an overview of the renewed debate.
HITLERIAN ALLOHISTORY...describes the alternative world that might have been IF Germany has won World War II. A new book that surveys the wide literature based on that counter-factual premise is reviewed here for the U.K. Telegraph.
ASK NOT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR HARVARD...ask, rather, what Harvard can do for you. The answer appears to be "plenty," according to a new book by a recent graduate...or, at least, according to this reviewer from Bethel University.
CAN THE ALUMNI CORRECT THE LEFT TILT OF THEIR ALMA MATER? The question was recently answered affirmatively at Dartmouth...and next on stage is Hamilton College where the project on "Gender, Society and Culture" has made the campus a major stop on the radical ranters tour. The report is from FIRE on whose advisory board the proprietor serves.
WHAT IS "THEORY" WORTH? The word is in quotes because that's the term that a gaggle of literary academics have used to designate the sort of post-mod, "nothing-really-means-what-you-thought-it-means" critical hustle that they have been performing for years. Now the super-anthology of "theory" has appeared and here's what one of its contributors has to say about the whole caper.
WHAT'S BEHIND CROP CIRCLES? Some playful perversity, considerable energy and some odd skills. All is explained here in fascinating detail provided at the invaluable "How Stuff Works" site.
THE MASTERS OF MEXICAN TRIO...are, and have long been, the Trio Los Panchos. These nine selections are representative of their subtle musicality...and the appended performances by Vikki Carr are, as well, surprisingly good.