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Milt's File

A file of links relating to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg, a talk show on Chicago's WGN Radio.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Tonight on the program, Milt goes inside the ivory tower with three graduate students from the University of Chicago. Joining Extension 720 to discuss their political views, the current state of academia, and the life of a graduate student today will be HEATHER WILHELM, JOHN SCHUESSLER and EMILY NACOL. More information on this and other programs is available at our monthly program guide. You can listen to the show from 9 to 11 p.m. central time here.
TWO SMART GUYS READ THE POLLS...PART I. This is Mort Kondracke's take as published today in Roll Call. They are even again!
TWO SMART GUYS READ THE POLLS...PART II. This, from the two smart guys who run RealClearPolitics.com, is a poll-based analysis of the likely Electoral College outcome. Bush wins!
THE WASHINGTON POST DIGS IN...on the possibly false National Guard documents. This coverage, published earlier today, summarizes the doubts raised about the documents used on the 60 Minutes program and features some useful sidebars presenting the documents themselves.
AND YET MORE ON THE MESS AT CBS. The Weekly Standard staff seem convinced that CBS fell for a hoax. Here is their breathless entry into the discussion, as beamed out only a few hours ago.
A REPORT FROM THE GREAT STATE OF ILLINOIS...which may interest our broader readership: The Hollinger scandals have now drawn in our former governor, Big Jim Thompson. The writer of this article from a local conservative e-daily was at one time the editor of the Chicago Sun-Times which was, so theaccusation runs, plundered by Lord Black while his board looked the other way.
ISLAMIC TERRORISM IS THE ONLY CONTEMPORARY TERRORISM...argues Victor Davis Hanson in this embittered and outraged essay just published at National Review Online.
TECHNOLOGY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM...is a topic of high interest and some expertise in Israel. The lessons that some of their counter-terrorism specialists have to offer are well summarized in this recent report from the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University.
ISLAM AND THE DARFUR GENOCIDE. How, if at all, are they linked? That's the basic question addressed (but not answered simply) in this forum published today at Front Page magazine. We found the comments of Professor Walid Phares particularly well-pointed.
HAS ISLAM BEEN SHAMED INTO CONSIDERING INTERNAL REFORM? This author, writing in the current issue of the New Statesman, thinks that he perceives such a shift to now be underway, if slowly and with still uncertain outcome. But, he insists, something important is happening.
MIDEAST PEACE THROUGH DESALINATION? Perhaps that is the last, best hope for a true settlement of the outstanding issues conmcerning Israeli settlements in the West Bank. At any rate, this report from the BBC does suggest that the toast over a final peace accord might be drunk, if ever, in purified sea water.
WHO GOT HERE FIRST, AND HOW? The settlemet of the western hemisphere now looks more complicated than the Anthro 101 account that "undifferentiated mongols" crossed the Bering Land Bridge some 12,000 years ago. Now, many other possibilities are under examination and this site, designed by the Burke Museum at the University of Washington, offers a truly fascinating (and quite interactive!) account of the competing theories and the bodies of supportive evidence.
EICHMANN AGAIN! A new biography of the senior technician of the Holocaust has recently appeared. According to this approving review from the U.K. Guardian the "banality" of his evil was of a different order than that sketched by Hannah Arendt.
WELL, YOU HAVE TO ADMIT HE'S A GREAT LINGUISTIC THEORIST. That's what they (his ambivalent defenders) often say about Noam Chomsky. But Keith Windschuttle, an Australian historian, thinks otherwise and, in this essay from the New Criterion, explains why.
SOME CLASSIC COUNTRY. This fine anthology features, among other welcome selections, the great Tom T. Hall performance of Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tonight on the show, Milt talks with Roger Kimball, managing editor of The New Criterion and author of the new book Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art. More information on this and other programs is available at our monthly program guide. You can listen to the show from 9 to 11 p.m. central time here.
Milt's File is taking the day off, but will return tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tonight on Extension 720, Milt talks with Bill Gertz, reporter for the Washington Times, about his new book Treachery: How America's Friends and Foes Are Secretly Arming Our Enemies. You can listen to the program after the 7:05 Cubs game here.
NOT BY FORCE ALONE...or even primarily, will Iraq be pacified. So said Donald Rumsfeld in the press conference reported here by the Boston Globe. Of extra interest is his partial endorsement of the "soft power" hypothesis of Joseph Nye.
IN THE WAKE OF THE SLAUGHTER AT SCHOOL NUMBER ONE. The video made by the terrorists, the march in Moscow yesterday and the Russian announcement of a "preemptive" anti-terrorist policy are effectively reported in this article from an Australian news service.
AND JUST WHAT HAVE THE CHECHEN "REBELS" ACHIEVED? They have, says Anne Applebaum in today's Washington Post, significantly lessened their chances for getting any concessions from the Russian government. Applebaum spent many years on the scene and deserves her reputation as a sharp observer of East-European affairs.
YASSER, THAT'S OUR BABY...may no longer be the theme-song in Ramallah according to this closely observed report from that "capital city" to the U.K. Telegraph.
THE LABOR DAY POLLS SUGGEST THAT BUSH HAS IT...says the spokesman for the Gallup Organization who presents the data from seventeen past elections. BUT, the old polling data are not that trustworthy and four times out of seventeen things went otherwise and, and, and...
WHEN A VETERAN OF THE LEFT DESPAIRS...as Nick von Hoffman does as he casts his disappointed eye upon the Kerry campaign, then something--it may be asserted--has really gone wrong for the Dems. In his view, as elaborated in this contribution in today's New York Observer, the decline began with the Swift Boat ads.
THE CAMPAIGN COUNTERATTACK IS LAUNCHED...on this very day, says John McIntyre in his column at Real Clear Politics. McIntyre, a rather frequent guest on our radio program, thinks (or is it "hopes?") that the Kitty Kelly slime assault will backfire.
THE FRENCH CONNECTION WITH SADDAM...is discussed in this excerpt from Bill Gertz's new book as published in today's Washington Times. Bill--an old friend and frequent guest on Extension 720--will be discussing this and related revelations with us on tonight's program right after the ball game.
A PROFESSOR OF LINGUISTICS CHOOSES NOT TO BE CALLED AFRICAN-AMERICAN. John McWhorter, also a rather frequent guest on our program, has his reasons and they strike us as, in fact, well-reasoned. This op-ed is from yesterday's Los Angeles Times.
NOBODY DOESN'T LIKE SAMUEL PEPYS. He is, in fact, one of our favorite indulgences...and that rendered all-the-more welcome this fine appreciative article from the current issue of the Hudson Review.
WOMEN AND CHESS...and how the Queen became so powerful, as explained by one of the best of the feminist historians. This interview with Marian Yallom appeared a while ago in the San Francisco Chronicle.
SCHEINBLUM, EPSTEIN, BLOMBERG AND HOLTZMAN...are some of the former major-leaguers in the contingent headed by Koufax: Jewish star-players of yesteryear. And here are the details on their recent reunion.
THEY ALSO SERVE WHO CELEBRATE THEMSELVES...at the Venice film festival. We couldn't resist the stars at competitive play as reported by the BBC.
TWO CONCERTOS, A CAPRICCIO AND A BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY. All performed live at a great concert in Lugano two years ago. The rendition of the Brahms Double Concerto is, we thought, particularly moving.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tonight on Extension 720, Milt talks with sports law expert Eldon Ham about cheating in sports after the 7:05 Cubs game. More information on this and other programs is available at our monthly program guide. You can listen to the program around 10 p.m. central time here.
Milt's File is taking the day off, but will return tomorrow.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Tonight on Extension 720, Milt goes on the road with Brad Herzog, a prolific travel writer, as they discuss off the beaten path destinations here in the U.S. More information on this and other programs is available at our monthly program guide. You can listen to the program from 9 to 11 p.m. central time here.
IN THE WAKE OF THE HORROR AT BESLAN...comes this report of the capture of one of the Chechen terrorists who, it seems, does value (his own) life. The article appeared today in The Age of Melbourne.
WHO WERE THE CHILD-KILLERS IN BESLAN? Mark Steyn argues, in The Australian, that the key to the horror was the presence of Islamist fanatics among the "Chechen insurgents" group.
THE LOOMING IRANIAN THREAT...and what to do about it are discussed in this important forum presented today by Front Page magazine. There are, apparently, some very menacing Mullahs in our future.
THE FALL BEHIND CANDIDATE...is, according to the stunning polls released by both Time and Newsweek, John Kerry. The present crisis in the Kerry campaign is reported here--we think quite verisimilitudinously--in today's edition of Newsweek.
SO, WHERE DOES THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE REALLY STAND? Bill Safire of the New York Times is an old pro and a practiced practitioner of electoral realpoltik. Here's how he reads the present "advantage Bush" situation.
STILL MORE ON HUNTINGTON'S VIEW OF THE AMERICAN FUTURE...as presented in his recent--and heavily reviewed--book, Who Are We? The Challenges to America's National Identity. This partially approving but amendatory essay appeared recently in The Claremont Review.
DO WE HAVE A HEALTH INSURANCE CRISIS? Well, if we do, says this physician at the Manhattan Institute, it involves far fewer people than we have been told. This op-ed appeared a few days ago in the Los Angeles Times.
THE CONSERVATIVE PRESENCE ON CAMPUS. This report, in the New York Observer, of the growth of a slight Republican renaissance at Columbia University may--or may not--be an augury of things to come.
NEW AGEISM IS "BORING FROM WITHIN" THE LEFT...and is, in fact, a great danger to the "progressive" cause. So says this academic philosopher writng in Counterpunch, a leading left-socialist journal. Will troubles never cease?
I DREAMED OF AUNT EUPHEMIA...AND THE NEXT DAY SHE DIED!! Such reports do strongly support clairvoyance and, more generally, pscyhic powers...DON'T THEY? Not at all, says Michael Shermer--a frequent guest on Extension 720--in this column from Scientific American.
A GIFT TO THE WODEHOUSIANS AND THE DRONES. A new biography of P.G. has appeared and the fellow who played Jeeves on T.V. is enthusiastic--but reservedly--and said so yesterday in the U.K. Guardian.
TIGER, TIGER BURNING LESS THAN BRIGHT. Even when he's off his game he's good--but Tiger Woods' lapse into merely "good" has Lawrence Henry, writing in the American Spectator, a little depressed. And, nota bene: this is the first purely non-political piece we have ever seen in that publication.
CLASSIC BIG BAND JAZZ...by Red Nichols and "his orchestra." Most of these fine recordings were done in 1939 but a few go back to 1930. Of exceptional interest is "Poor Butterfly."