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Milt's File

A file of links relating to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg, a talk show on Chicago's WGN Radio.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Tonight on Extension 720: Tonight, we do an open line to assess our listeners’ opinions on the news from at home and abroad. Be sure to call early to voice your opinions on the Iraqi elections, the State of the Union Address, Bush’s plan to overhaul Social Security, and much, much more.

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Milt's File will return on Monday.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tonight, Extension 720 examines the varieties and proclivities of American English with noted author and journalist ROBERT MACNEIL. From pervasive Southern California slang to the ever-expanding Southern accent to the class-separated accents of Boston, MacNeil and his co-author William Cran describe the differences and similarities in language across these United States in their new book Do You Speak American?.

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THREE EVALUATIONS OF THE STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH: Max Boot is enthusiastic and at one point was moved, almost, to tears.
THREE EVALUATIONS: The Washington Post, is other "gray lady" of American journalism (after the New York Times, of course). While their competitor was, predictably, most offended by the mention of a "protection of marriage" amendment, the Post people (equally predicably) zoom in on the Social Security proposal and echo the Dem's critique.
THREE EVALUATIONS: The view from the (far) left is provided by David Corn in The Nation magazine. One notes that the expected cynical estimation of the speech and its mounting slips over into grudging admiration.
HILLARY PLAYING THE POSITIONING GAME...as she remains focused on the big try for the presidency, is the subject of this insightful tactical analysis by Margaret Carlson of the Los Angeles Times.
THE COMING GLOBAL WARMING CATASTROPHE...as predicted by a scientific panel at Tony Blair's climate change conference. For a counter to this gloomy forecast do check out (and listen to) our recent conversation with Bjorn Lomborg which can be heard on our audio archive.
A PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLAR...worthy of that designation is Fred Greenstein who has labored for many years to understand the institution of the presidency and the varying ways in which it has been used by occupants of the office. His masterwork has now appeared and is reviewed here in the Franco-American journal, Cercles.
THE ORIGINS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES...are closely examined and reconstructed by Michael Chabon in this fine review/essay recently featured in the New York Review of Books.
SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE OF HISTORY: Focused on the cases of Ambrose, Goodwin and Belleisles, another historian has devoted a book to the plague of plagiarism within the American academy. This thoughtful and approving review of that book has just appeared in The Wilson Quarterly.
THE MASTER-BUILDER AS FASCIST: In valuable contrast to the rush of panygerics routinely stirred up by the death of Philip Johnson, Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post reviews his monstrous history as an active American fascist.
WHAT PRICE TENURE? The question is raised once again by evidence of a hating (and hateful) academic using his "bully pulpit" for malign purposes. Here the editors of the Rocky Mountain News urge the tenure-violating dismissal of Professor Churchill of the University of Colorado.
WHO HAS TILTED HAMILTON TO THE LEFT? The college in upstate New York, that is. Ward Churchill, the activist professor who justifies the 9/11 attack has been disinvited, but the inviter (who in the past has brought Angela Davis, Amiri Baraka and Noam Chomsky to campus) remains a formidable presence and/or a living exemplar of academic freedom.
READING THE LETTERS OF MAHLER AND BRITTEN...is what the redoubtable Terry Teachout has been doing recently. We know no one who writes more intelligently and entertainingly on music than does this frequent contributor to Commentary magazine. Here, then, is his recent essay prompted by his epistolary excursions.
A GREAT BASSO: Boris Gmyria was widely known and appreciated in the Soviet Union but hardly known in the West...and that was our loss. All of these songs and arias are stirringly performed, but be sure not to miss his renderings of The Flea and the Earl King.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tonight on Extension 720: President Bush reports to a joint session of Congress to give his State of the Union Address. After the conclusion of the 7:00 Northwestern University basketball game, Extension 720 will have immediate analysis of the address and its implications with a panel of political experts: JOE MORRIS, chairman of the United Republican Fund of Illinois, DICK CICCONE, former political and managing editor of the Chicago Tribune, and ERIC ZORN, columnist and blogger for the Chicago Tribune.

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Milt's File is taking a few days off, but will return soon.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Tonight on Extension 720: Hollywood and the American film industry have made an indelible mark on modern American history and American civilization. Tonight on Extension 720, we are pleased to welcome film critic and historian DAVID THOMSON back to the program to detail the vast history of American film. He has been called the “greatest living film critic and historian” by the Atlantic Monthly and tonight he will be discussing his latest book The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood.

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THE TRUE SIZE OF THE IRAQI VOTE...may not be known for a while. Though the U.S. press has converged on the 60% figure, this dispatch from the Independent of South Africa comes up with a significantly higher number.
THE SUCCESSFUL ELECTION IS WELCOME BUT...Fareed Zakaria has provided a "what to worry about after the election" agenda that was written a few days before the event and is published this week in Newsweek.
THE BLOGGERS FROM IRAQ...got full attention from the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The value of this article is not only in the quotes from those blogs but also in the links to them.
THE PRIME MINISTER LETS HER HAIR DOWN: This truly fascinating account of the woman who has just been elevated to the position of P.M. in the Ukraine ties Yulia Tymoshenko to a fabled and tribal "earth mother."
THE FASCIST RIGHT ALSO RISES...and, in fact, seems to flourish in an on-and-off sort of way in the Russian Federation. This article from the New Zealand Herald's man in Moscow is as disheartening a report from there as we have seen in a while.
"TELL ME WHERE THE CROWD IS GOING...I must lead them there"...is not only a quotation from the French Revolution but appears now to be the strategy guiding the junior senator from New York as she seeks the presidency. So says John Leo in this predictive piece from the New York Daily News.
THE EVOLUTION DEBATE TAKES A NEW FORM...or should that be a "new disguise?" This article from this week's Newsweek sheds proper expository light on what the "intelligent design" movement is really up to and where (and how) it is suceeding.
OF WHAT USE IS "HIGH SELF ESTEEM?" Well, it might make your kid a bit happier but it won't make him/her a better student. Nor will it produce greater increments of popularity or honesty. A psychologist reviews the literature and recommends that we teach the children self-control and self-discipline rather than self-love.
TOM WOLFE (AND GEORGE W!) ENDORSE THE MONROE DOCTRINE...and in this extended article from yesterday's New York Times the former demonstrates that that's what the latter was doing in his second inaugural adress, thus matching the first Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge and George Kennan.
AND SPEAKING OF TOM WOLFE...here's a fine interview with him conducted by a reporter for his home-town newspaper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Of his new novel, Wolfe's apologia pro libra sua is that "there was no way to be realistic and tasteful."
LARRY FROM CAMBRIDGE SEEKS ADVICE...and gets some useful if inhibiting pointers from the wise and worldly Aunt Sophie at Front Page magazine.
BEATING THE FRENCH AT THEIR OWN GAME...of discourtesy, indifference and insult to the paying customer. This guide just published in the U.K. Guardian is particularly strong on the handling of waiters. On ne les appelle "garcons!"
BY THEIR FILM-CHOICES SHALL YE KNOW THEM: And in that sentence "ye" is not you but a new computer-based system that predicts the flicks you will like on the basis of the enthusiasms of others and...uh...oh read it for yourself in this sharp article from the Denver Post.
MUSIC FROM THE ANDES: Wonderful performances of folk music from Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina. Los Chacos are featured and on the "don't miss" list are their performances of Oda a La Vida, Donna Lorenza and Flor de Huancayo.