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Milt's File

A file of links relating to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg, a talk show on Chicago's WGN Radio.

Friday, June 03, 2005

WOODWARD DOES A BACKGROUNDER ON DEEP THROAT...for the Washington Post. So here's how it began, as if guided by some good espionage fiction. But what remains untold is what curious people want to know.
FELT AND THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Peggy Noonan asks whether, if there had been no "Deep Throat," there might not have been a Cambodian genocide. Sounds like a long stretch but...hmmmm.
THE ASSESSMENT OF CLINTON CONTINUES...and this week the main feature is a new, major political biography. It is reviewed here in USA Today and its author, John Harris of the Washington Post, will be our guest on the program next week.
SO THE DEMOCRATIC LEFT IS MEETING IN WASHINGTON...and, according to this account by Byron York, casting around for an answer to the eternal question of the defeated: Wha Happened? But, it would seem, not getting a glimmer on why much of the country has come to...uh, dislike them.
EACH DRIVER A RADIO STATION? The podcasting vista is expanding day by day. As they used to say at Time magazine: where it will all end knows God. And Wired magazine, perhaps!
COMPUTER MODELLING THE CREATION...and all that followed thereupon has been the task undertaken--successfully, it would appear--by an international consortium of astrophysicists and cosmologists. Some of the exciting detail is provided in this first story from the U.K. Telegraph.
WHAT IF THERE WAS NO GLOBAL WARMING...but interested parties needed to persuade us that things are rapidly heating up? That appears to be the premise of Michael Crichton's new novel and he appears to have some quite NON-FICTIONAL data that support the plot. Here's the Reason magazine review.
ES LEBT, DAS NATIONALSOCIALISMUS!! Will Nazism ever die? Probably not as this story from the German magazine Der Spiegel painfully reminds us.
THE TOLL OF THE RED PLAGUE...that is, of people murdered by Communist governments, is staggering. The most reputable scholar to attempt a quantified estimate is Rudolph Rummel of the University of Hawaii who reviews the horrifc findings of his career-long research program in this article from the Hawaii Reporter.
PROTECTING THE SELF-ESTEEM OF OUR "HOT-HOUSE FLOWERS"...does them considerable harm BUT it does lead to some interesting marketing operations. Christina Hoff Sommers, the author of this clear-headed attempt to penetrate the murk of modern pedagogy, is heard here in an earlier appearance on Extension 720.
ROBERT LOWELL: THE WORTH OF HIS POEMS...and the burdens of his spirit are examined in this excellent review/essay by Jonathan Raban, writing in the New York Review of Books.
HAS RECORDING KILLED OFF INDIVIDUALITY IN MUSICAL PERFORMANCE? That seems to be the thesis of a new book which has prompted this fine review/essay in the current New Yorker.
A GREAT CONTEMPORARY BLUES ARTIST: That's Sonny Rhodes who is heard here in four hard-driving recordings.

Monday, May 30, 2005

IMMIGRATION REFORM A LA McCAIN/KENNEDY...looks fake, fraudulent and futile to a columnist for the Nashua Telegraph. And we resonate with a strong "hear, hear."
HEZBOLLAH WAVES ITS ROCKETS AT ISRAEL...and seems to forget that the government south of the Lebanese border has a fairly well developed retaliatory capability. The reader comments prompted by this Al-Jazeera article are more than worth the price of admission.
LEBANON HAS EIGHTEEN DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS SECTS...and they all aspire to control the politics of the re-emerging independent state. So says (with much valuable detail provided) this probing article from the Washington Post.
WHAT ARE THE DEMOCRATS UP TO? A conservative political consultant, Don Feder, examines a current campaign line and finds it slightly suicidal. This "aghast analysis" of a propaganda misfire is from yesterday's issue of Front Page magazine.
"INTELLIGENT DESIGN" AND DARWINIAN EVOLTIONARY THEORY...are now thought by some to be in intractable conflict. It ain't neccessarily so...according to this fine article from the New Yorker which analyzes the arguments for ID and finds them subtly but definitely specious.
THE FAITH OF ANTI-AMERICANISM...is examined by one recent book and illustrated by another. Both are treated here in a sharp review/essay from the current issue of Commentary.
THE JEWISH MAYOR OF A MUSLIM CITY IN HOLLAND...does, it goes without saying (except here!), face some serious on-the-job challenges. Meet the mayor of Amsterdam as he tells the International Herald Tribune that he seeks to build "a stronger sense of community." Good luck!
MAO MAY HAVE BEEN THE LEADING MURDERER OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY...says Simon Montefiore in this review of a new biography of the Red Emperor of China. Montefiore himself did a major biographical study of one of two others who ran Mao a close second, Joseph Stalin. Our discussion of that book can be heard here.
A MESSAGE TO AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: LEARN SOME MODERN HISTORY...says the former editor of the Chicago Sun-Times in response to their equation of Guantanamo with the Soviet Gulag.
THE MARXIST MANIFESTO FOR OUR TIME...as imagined by David Brooks of the New York Times has been rather widely read and deservedly blogged. In tounge-in-cheek fashion it suggests that the degredation of public education in this country may be a weapon in the hands of the "ruling class."
WE ARE PODCASTED! Though the proprietor doesn't quite understand this new technology, our former producer Chris Vallance does. Now working for the BBC, Chris is doing a special weekly feature on Pod broadcasters and he recently interviewed the host of Extension 720 about one of his classic misadventures. To hear it just scroll down to "Radio Days in Chi-Town" and click on "podcast."
THE ADJUNCT FACULTY RACKET...as practiced in Chicago's city colleges is closely analyzed and condemned by an angry participant. The history told here is, apparently, only one local version of a nationwide development that threatens the quality of the education now available to impecunious young people striving upwards.
THE MUSIC OF HIS MAJESTY, NORODOM SIHANOUK: Living in retirement in China, the former King of Cambodia maintains this vast musical site for performances (some by Lui Meme!) of his own music. Our favorite: Rose de Phnom Penh as sung by Phok Sam On.