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Milt's File

A file of links relating to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg, a talk show on Chicago's WGN Radio.

Monday, June 20, 2005

HOW DID DURBIN OFFEND? Let us count the ways as they are detailed by Mark Steyn in this devastating evaluation of the performance of the senior senator from Illinois.
THE AMERICAN THINKER ON DURBIN, STEYN AND "POST PATRIOTISM:" This article by a writer we don't know does, it seems to us, catch an additional meaning reflected in the...uhhh, controversial performance of Senator Durbin.
THE BIG MEDIA MERGERS: Reality is beginnng to dispalce myth as some of the giants are tottering and/or collapsing. This piece from Tech Central Station is as informative a report and commentary as we have seen--and the links, if followed, will provide a near encyclopedia of modern media manipulations.
WHAT PRICE ACADEMIC FREEDOM? Possibly about 120 million dollars IF the two osteopaths now suing a University of Illinois Chicago professor do actually prevail--which is, one hopes, probably unlikely. The story is from yesterday's Chicago Tribune.
WITH WINSTON, FRANKLIN AND JOSEF AT YALTA: This wonderful reminiscence (with equally wonderful photographs) has just appeared at American Heritage magazine. Not to be missed!
HITLER AND THE WAGNERS...particularly Winifred, the old man's daughter-in-law and proprietor of the Bayreuth Festival, who never forgot how charming and "warm" Uncle Adolf ("Wolfe" to the kids) was. A major biography of this "ubermutter" has just appeared and is here reviewed for the Sunday London Times.
AND SPEAKING OF HITLER'S FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS...there are, according to this story from the U.K. Independent, some 200 Nazi war criminals living--undetected, undetained and unprosecuted--in Britain these days!!
PYNCHON AND GRAVITY'S RAINBOW....thirty-two years after the fact of its explosion into American literature. This exceptionally interesting article has just appeared at Book Forum.
ADVENTURES IN POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Add to the vast file of bemused and pc-befuddled naifs--this fellow who lives in Mexico and seems to write for a newspaper up in Maine and had not yet learned that "Third World Country" is prohibited usage. Strengt verboten, mein herr!!
ON EITHER SIDE OF THE BOUL-MICHE...lies the neighborhood of St-Germain-des-Pres which, according to this review in the San Francisco Chronicle, has been appreciatively presented by Diane Johnson in an evocative new book. But does she cover our old location on Rue des Saintes-Peres?
THE OLD HOLLYWOOD LEFT: BENIGN OR MALIGN? The recent book Red Star Over Hollywood has stirred a good deal of commentary. This op-ed from the Boston Globe is the latest intelligent response to that work by the Radoshes--and here is a short excerpt of their recent appearance on Extension 720.
WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE POWER OR MONEY? Actually they tend to correlate rather closely as is evidenced by this Forbes magazine special report on the "Celebrity 100."
THE GREAT GARDEL! More than sixty years after his death he is still the reigning monarch of the Argentinian tango. Here he is heard in four classic performances--coupled with Julio Iglesias who does a surprisingly fine rendering of La Cumparsita.