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Milt's File

A file of links relating to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg, a talk show on Chicago's WGN Radio.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

SOME VOICES WE RESPECT AND VALUE...provide valuable commentary on the London terrorist bombings. Here's Mark Steyn.
AND CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS...his contentiousness and toughness properly aroused when it is needed.
FRANK GAFFNEY...has it just right.
HOW TO FIND THE PERPETRATORS...is the question addressed in this AP report from London.
AND SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT ISLAM IN ENGLAND...from a National Review regular.
FROM LEICESTER CATHEDRAL...some beautiful English church music in resonance with today's mood of mourning and resolve..."Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/ I shall fear no evil."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TERRORISM ACROSS THE OTHER BORDER: The same murderous outfits that worry us are present in Canada as well...and, according to this AP story from Toronto, the Canadian government is spending big (but devalued) bucks as they attempt to track and control their resident "evil doers."
AND HOW ABOUT THE "LONGEST UNGUARDED BORDER IN THE WORLD?" That's what they used to say about the U.S.-Canada divider--but, according to the AP's Canada bureau chief, what's coming across ain't just smoked salmon and/or maple syrup!!
TWO CHEERS FOR GITMO...are sounded here by a retired Army major who is just back from a visit to the place that Amensty International dubs (with encouragement from their benefactor, George Soros?) the "modern gulag."
LIBERTARIAN LAWYERS APPOINT THE NEW JUSTICES: At least, that was the assignment given them by Reason, the more-or-less official libertarian magazine. What stands out is how well all of these people enjoy the liberty to veer right or left in a way which obscures the libertarian ethos--if, indeed, there is one.
VIVA FALLACI! Now the Italian judicial leftists are coming after her and would like to imprison her for vilifying the jihadists...all happening while this brave journalist is in the last stage of her life. Varadarajan of the Wall Street Journal reports on a recent interview with her.
MAKING THE RUBBLE BOUNCE ON TEMPEL 1...was the idea and intention of the Deep Impact mission and it has gone off as well as--or better than--planned. Here's an informative account from the people at Nature magazine.
AND IN EIGHT DAYS BACK INTO SPACE...if, if, if all the safety checks are positive and if NASA doesn't develop cold feet. Apparently a lot is riding on the next scheduled "manned mission." The details are here in a full account from the Los Angeles Times.
AND SPEAKING OF THE SPACE SHUTTLE...scroll down to the second item of John Derbyshire's June Diary--from National Review--for a dose of very cold water. And then scroll back up again for his quick stiletto job on Jean Paul Sartre.
THE MAN WHO (PROBABLY) SAVED NEW YORK...was, of course, Rudolph Giuliani who has now been properly biographized in a volume that seriously asks and answers the question: How did he do it? The review is from the Christian Science Monitor.
DARWINISM AND NAZISM: There is--and it has long been obvious--a clear link from the former to the latter. That doesn't invalidate Darwinian theory (that, in fact, would be a gross commission of the "genetic fallacy") but it does reinforce the lesson that ideas have consequences. This conversation with the author of a recent book titled From Darwin to Hitler does make for compelling reading.
THE HARM THAT PSYCHOLOGISM HAS DONE...is vast and not totally incalculable. The question is examined in a new book which is summarized here by its authors. One of them, Christina Hoff Sommers, is a favorite guest on Extension 720 and can be heard here discussing an earlier work.
THE BOOK OF REVELATION AND THE RAPTURE RACKET: A new book by a Lutheran theologian exposes the non-historicity, venality and general fraudulence of the Left Behind series and the "end time "doctrine it has popularized. This article from the Working For Change site adds on some further revelations about the business side of the "Revelation hustle."
MEXICAN SINGERS DO VERDI...at a gala performance in Monterrey. Particularly impressive are the selections from Macbeth and Rigoletto...but don't miss Mario Bailey as a rather young "elder Germont" in Di Provenza il mar, il suol.